About Starwood Pet Resort

Holistic Care

What does Holistic Mean?

Holistic is based on a concept that a being (human or animal) is one whose body, mind, spirit and emotions are in balance with the Universe.

A holistic practitioner works to help balance or facilitate the balance of Spirit, Mind and Body.

In the case of animals, we feel this means striving to balance physical needs;

Correct temperature & humidity.

Fresh air and sunlight.

Healthy food in the correct amount and frequency. (Imagine going on vacation only to find that the restaurants only serve food at a time you were not used to eating? Stressful!).

Comfortable beds and bedding.

Nature sounds (unique sound tracks developed to increase the alpha/beta waves) and Animal Healing Music as well as Music for Pets (specialized sound tracks made for animal hearing which is different from human hearing!).

Controlled noise levels and population density.

We feel that all the above contribute to a stress free environment.

Mental and emotional needs include;






TLC and attention


We are all fairly intuitive and can pick up on any pet's needs. are helped with Flower Essences, Reiki or Reconnective Healing Sessions and lots of extra companionship (TLC).

So what does this mean for your dog or cat?

It means that each and every dog or cat is cared for with a with a lot of individualized attention because...

Each dog or cat comes into our kennel with a different life experience.

Some are shy, others are very outgoing, some like quiet, some thrive on noise and activity, some are voracious eaters, some are picky eaters and others need to be hand fed.

We take care of each and every need, as needed.

All animals need unconditional love and acceptance!
This is what we do and we are very good at it!