Suites or Indoor/Outdoor Runs? Chainlink?

Dog Hotels with luxury suites with a TV, glass doors and no chain link are the new trend. But lets examine this! You dog is leaving his/her nice comfortable home where he/she is integrated into a pack (you and family) environment. There are lots of smells at home; bacon smells, food smells, human smells. There is a lot of noise at home; dishes rattling, cars, ambient noises, birds, other animals etc. You drop him/her off a kennel and off he/she goes into a "luxury site" with no chain link and a glass door instead. No neighbors, just a concrete block (or other material) wall. No noise, less smells... a TV blaring human noises with human pictures. How disconcerting. Kind of like solitary confinement? Oh yes, group playtimes. Maybe overwhelming for some dogs?

A kennel should be for the dogs and dog's comfort!

Indoor/outdoor runs with chainlink. The guillotine door in each kennel allows for frequent in and outs. On nice days, when the doors are open, dogs can choose to stay outside in the sun or rain or they can come in and watch the rain. On bad weather days, a dog just needs to stand by his door and someone will open his door and out he/she goes. No waiting for the prescribed playtime hour! Dogs also get anxious, just as we do, if they need to "hold it" for too long and they also get anxious if they have an "accident". As for extra TLC, dogs get treats and scratches on the nose and can sniff hands as staff walk up and down the aisles. A dog looks overwhelmed or anxious or just wants to say hello, a quick scratch, treat or tickle makes a big difference. Easy to do with chainlink.

Interior skylights provide lots of natural light. This helps keeps your furry friend on a schedule dictated by day and night... not by lights out. Interior kennels are lit by flourescent lights. Lights out and it is dark. What time do you turn off your lights in the summer? Not 7 pm?

Webcams... these are for the humans. I can guarantee your dog would rather sniff/sleep/play/eat than know you are watching!! We think that a phone call or email with a complete update is much more effective. Do you really know if your dog is eating? or eliminating by watching him on a webcam?

Enough! Talk to us! We have lots more to say!

Boarding Rates:

Indoor/Outdoor kennel with kennel deck and fleece bedding.
$28/day with your food. $31/day with kennel food.

Penthouse Suite (for the shy dog or a dog that needs quiet).
$45/day (these suites are walk out suites with no guillotine doors, skylights for natural light)

Office Suite. The dog hangs out with us all day. Private and quiet. Great for older dogs, dogs that have had surgery or dogs that are anxious and require a lot of attention. Indoor/outdoor. $50/day

Additional services such as daycare with board and playtimes are also available.

Cats have their own separate space far from any snooping snouts. Skylights, individual condos and a large play area with scratching posts and real furniture!

Long term discounts are available. Exceptional care is provided.