Tried and true training methods

A full range of training classes are offered and are designed to enhance your relationship with your dog.

Courses run for 4 weeks with a makeup class on week 5. Training classes range from puppy kindergarten, basic obedience to advanced work, beginner to advanced Agility and Canine Good Citizen.

Samantha Plourd has years of training experience in a variety of setting. She has worked with dogs and humans of all kind, including in-home and group basic training, potty training, obedience levels from beginner to adanced, agility, leash and recall training, and general dog-related problems.

Do you have a new furry member of your family? Or a rescue or dog with little or no obedience at home? Join Sam for
a beginner class!

She will cover:

proper leash training with a variety of "walking" apparatuses.

potty training

jumping and nipping

proper socialization

crate training

separation anxiety

basic obedience

And she will problem solve and work with any issues on an individual basis.

Intermediate classes will build on the beginner basics, will build your confidence and will challenge your furry friend in a fun and constructive manner!


call for additional information or to register.

Advanced obedience and agility classes will start when the snow starts to melt.